3 am Thoughts ❤

Walking on the floor. Hand-free in ears, listening loud music. Cool breeze touching my face and leaving a beautiful sense. Thoughts are flickering in my mind. I'm just writing down. This hour of night is very soothing, calm and peaceful. Stars are twinkling in the dark amd serene sky. everything is so beautiful. Free from … Continue reading 3 am Thoughts ❤

Words have power, words are power|Power of words

Words can bring up a person from deep darkness to the spectrum of light. Do you know..? Words have a special power. What you speak really effect others. So, alwyas speak with intention. Think before you speak. Words have power. Words are power and we don't even realise it. Words can transform our life and … Continue reading Words have power, words are power|Power of words

Story|A mysterious train journey

A mysterious train journey The sky above was full of darkness with wandering coppery clouds. It was a grey, unpleasant and sombre evening with the sky threatening rain. There was a long queue in front of the booking window.The passengers were waiting avidly for the train. Coolies were carrying heavy loads of luggage on their … Continue reading Story|A mysterious train journey