Life is Hard but so very beautiful|A letter to life

Dear Life, You're a blessing for me even for all the human kind. ❤I know sometimes I became so depressed and sad that I felt so worse. But now, I realized that what situations and circumstances you gave me was just for the betterment of myself. So, that I learn from them and get experience from … Continue reading Life is Hard but so very beautiful|A letter to life

A place where I find Peace

All your anxiety is because of your desire for harmony. Seek disharmony then you will gain peace. -Rumi Sometimes I feel lost.. I don't know who am I. I stressed out from studies and work. I don't like to talk to people. I just like to remain calm. I feel like there is no one … Continue reading A place where I find Peace

14 August|Happy Independence Day 🇵🇰

"O beautiful land! May Allah keep you happy forever, " Sohni Dharti, Allah Rakhy, Qadam qadam abaad, Qadam qadam abaad... "May we see you free as long as the world lasts!" Pakistan's independence day, which is annually held on 14 August, celebrate's the country independence from British Rule 🇬🇧 💂 on that date in 1947. … Continue reading 14 August|Happy Independence Day 🇵🇰