Collect Moments not Things

Normally, I don't make any resolutions but this time I decided to make one. As 2020 begins, I decided to make this year most special and beautiful one full of moments, joys, happiness and satisfaction. Instead of collecting material things, I decided to collect moments-that stays with us all the time in our memory. We … Continue reading Collect Moments not Things

Nature’s Soothing Appeal

A still Moment Take a moment. Put the worries behind. Take in the beauty around. Let it relax your mind. Watch the golden glow Of the rising morning sun. Embrace the peaceful aura Of the break of dawn. Savor the soft caress Of the gently moving breeze. Listen to its nifty tune Among the swaying … Continue reading Nature’s Soothing Appeal

Life is Hard but so very beautiful|A letter to life

Dear Life, You're a blessing for me even for all the human kind. ❤I know sometimes I became so depressed and sad that I felt so worse. But now, I realized that what situations and circumstances you gave me was just for the betterment of myself. So, that I learn from them and get experience from … Continue reading Life is Hard but so very beautiful|A letter to life