Story: Cheating Never Leads to Success

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

This is the first story that I write for my assignment. I like to write children’s stories. so I thought I should share it with you guys. So here we go..

This is the story of a girl named Zara. She has each and everything in her life. Her parents provide her everything and fulfill her every demand but she is not interested in studies. She bunks classes, does hang out with friends, always uses social media. Her parents think that she is sincere with her studies and do complete all her work on time. They are proud of their daughter. But Zara always tells a lie with her parents and make them fool that she is working hard. Zara’s exams are coming but she is careless about her studies because in exams she is going to cheat that’s why she is feeling free and pressureless. When Zara’s mother asks her, ”why you are not preparing for exams and just wasting your time on social media” She replies to her mother,” I am already prepared for exams and have done all my work” Her mother was surprised to see her attitude and was watching Zara ”Astonishingly!” Suddenly, Zara goes into her room and lock her room.

Tomorrow is Zara’s exam and in her room, hidden from his parents she is making small chits that she is going to use in her exam for cheating.

while she is doing this, Suddenly, her mother comes and knocked her room door, calling Zara for dinner. Hesitantly, Zara put down all the chits inside the bed and go for dinner because she doesn’t want her mother to feel that something is going wrong.

In the morning, Zara gets ready for school. Her mother wishes her ”Good Luck” and kisses her head because today is an important day for Zara. Zara reaches school and moves straight to the classroom, the exam is about to start. Hurriedly, she sits down on her desk and then the teacher starts distributing paper among students. After some time, she thinks of her chits and comes to know that ” She forgets all her chits at home which she was going to use for cheating”.

Now, she is looking completely pale, feeling ashamed on her that she has studied nothing for exams and she is going to be failed in this exam. Zara returns home feeling shameful and tells the whole story to her mother. Her mother says to her that it’s good that you have realized that ”Cheating Never Leads to Success”. In the next exams, Zara works hard and secure 1st position. Now, her parents are very happy for her and are feeling proud of her daughter Zara. Her parents also give her a beautiful gift for her success.

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Don’t forget to love yourself and always remember that you’re unique and no one can be like you.

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