Changed but not changed

I am the same as I was a year before.
My lips, nose, eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, and moles are all same as they were a year before.
What has changed is my inner self.
My emotions and feelings about people, places, and nature.
I am not at the same place as I was a year before.
Seeing me you can’t tell the difference between me(a year before) and me(now).
But the scars and bruises on my heart will tell you about the change that happened in one year.
You can’t see the experience and growth that have ingrown me in this one year.
This one year has given me pain, and heartbreaks.
And these heartbreaks and pain have made me stronger than I was a year before.
These have given me experiences that I had not before.
There is a story in every moment, every day, and every month of this one year.
But you can’t tell the change that has changed me in this one year.
Seeing me.
You can only say.
I am the same as I was a year before.

©Sadia Noor


Warmth of memories

I love winter.
Cozy cold nights remind me of you.
The peaceful and calm atmosphere prompts me to think only of you.
The memories that I have with you give me warmth and pleasure.
My mind can’t stop thinking of you.
I can do nothing but wish to have you with me at this moment.

— Sadia Noor

Dear Moon

When I see you,
I find peace.
You make me feel calm.
Deep inside I feel grateful.
I can stare at you for hours.
I talk to you,
and I know you listen.
When I smile,
I know you smile back.
You are there, and you will always be there even when I will not be in this world.
You are always watching, and knowing me.
Your light lit up my heart.
I know you will never leave even if I leave.
You are a true friend.
You are a true companion.

-Sadia Noor

To Find You

I don’t need the compass to find you.

Your heart beat would lead my way.

I don’t need the sun to find you.

your smile would light my way.

I don’t need the ocean to find you.

My tears would wash my way.

I don’t need the wind to find you.

your voice would whisper my way.

I don’t need the moon to find you.

Your eyes would shine my way.

But, if I never find my way I would perish.

My soul would find its way.

– Anonymous

Talk to Yourself

Talk to yourself.

If you can’t, write it down.

Quietly and silently.

Sometimes ask yourself.

Who am I?

How am I?

Why am I?

Listen to your inner voice.

Do what your heart desire.

Talk to yourself.

If you can’t, write it down.

خود سے بھی بات کر لیا کرو،

جو نہ که سکو اسے لکھ لیا کرو۔

چپ چپ کے،

خود سے پوچھ لیا کرو،

کون ہو میں۔

کیسا ہو میں۔

کیوں ہو میں۔

کبھی کبھی اپنے اندر کی آواز بھی سن لیا کرو۔

جو دل کرے وو کر لیا کرو۔

خود سے بھی بات کر لیا کرو،

جو نہ که سکو اسے لکھ لیا کرو۔

A short poem or you can call them thoughts that remind you of yourself.Listen to your inner voice and do what your heart desire for. You will truly feel happy and peaceful.

Sadia Noor

Don’t forget your purpose of life

Don't get so lost in the enjoyment of life.

That you forget your path, your destination and your goal.

If you have come into this world, do something.

Something for which you remain in the hearts of people,

So that when you leave this world, you live in the hearts of people forever.

Urdu Version of the poem

زندگی کی موجوں میں اتنے گم مت ہوجانا ۔

کے یاد نہ رہے تمہیں تمہارا راستہ، تمہاری منزل اور تمہارا مقصد –

گر آے ہو اس دنیا میں تو کچھ کر کہ جانا،

کچھ ایسا کرنا کہ بس جاؤ تم لوگوں کی دلوں میں،

اور جب چلے جاؤ تم اس دنیا سے تو زندہ رہو سب کی دلوں میں ۔

–Sadia Noor

Cities empty, roads empty..

Cities empty, roads empty,

streets empty, homes empty

Goblets empty, dinner tables empty,

cups and measures empty

Our friends, our nightingales have migrated flock by flock

Orchards empty, gardens empty,

branches empty, nests empty

Oh, woe to the world where lovers fear one another

Where thirsty buds fear gardens

Where lovers fear the sound of union

Where hands of musicians fear instruments

Where the chevaliers fear flat roads

Where doctors fear the sight of patients

Songs were smashed and

the poets’ torment reached all bounds

Years of await passed in agony for you and I

Friends turned into strangers

As soon as I gave my hand,

my life became a barren land

I weeped and I wailed,

I knocked on every door

I poured upon my head

the dust and mire of this ruined shelter bit by bit

Yet the world went on as usual, no one cared

Woe to those feet that walk onto the enemy’s path

Woe to those who lose their honour

in service of the oppressor

Musicians too have tuned their instruments to oppression

Lo! How the tyrant’s hand is hailing upon us

The fountains dried up, the seas turned weary

The heavens took our legend lightly

Drinks have lost potency,

love has no bosom to embrace thee

Not a single soul hears out my lament, hears me

Come back so that

the gone-away caravan would too come back

Come back so that

the tender sweethearts would come back tenderly

Come back so that they all would come back,

the minstrel, the music, the mandolin

Spread your forelock for

your gracious sweetheart is coming back.