It’s My Birthday!

Hello! My lovely fellow fiends. Today is a new dawn and a new day for me. I’m +1 today.

It’s a special Birthday for me because this time I am celebrating my birthday with you guys those whom I followed and those who followed me. You all fabulous and amazing bloggers are so close to my heart despite the distance between us.

Thank you all!

Thank you so much for following me and appreciating my writing stuff!

Love Love,

© Sadia Noor


To Find You

I don’t need the compass to find you.

Your heart beat would lead my way.

I don’t need the sun to find you.

your smile would light my way.

I don’t need the ocean to find you.

My tears would wash my way.

I don’t need the wind to find you.

your voice would whisper my way.

I don’t need the moon to find you.

Your eyes would shine my way.

But, if I never find my way I would perish.

My soul would find its way.

– Anonymous