Aphorisms from the book – The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho

Do not forget about your dream. Even if sometimes you are sure that other people and the whole world are stronger than you. The secret is this: do not give up.

She was free, for love gives freedom.

God can do anything. If He did only what we call Good, we could
not call Him Almighty; He would reign in only one part of the flax, and
someone more powerful than He would follow His works and judge them In
that case, I would begin to worship the One who is more powerful.

Human souls, like rivers and plants, also need
      rain. A special rain is hope, faith and the meaning of life. If there is no rain, everything in the soul dies, although the body still lives. People can say: “Once lived in this body person.”

A person must go through various trials before he can fulfill his destiny.

All battles are needed in life in order to teach us something, even those that we lose.

The Lord requires from people only that which lies within the limits of
everyone’s abilities.

My life has always been the way I myself wanted to see.

  If the old life oppresses you, quickly forget about it. Think up a new
story of your life and believe in it. Remember only about your victories, and this will help you achieve what you want.

Some events must be experienced, for this is what the gods want.

A person must choose, not accept his fate.


Comparing Yourself To Others Is The Worst Thing You Can Do by Julie X


It does little

It creates dissatisfaction, obviously

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” Theodore Roosevelt

It worsens low self-esteem

It is not compassionate or gracious

Comparing to others is groundless and pointless

At the end of the day, it’s all about self-acceptance.

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