These days I find peace in my work

Hey loves!

I hope you are having a good time in this pandemic situation. Though finding peace is quite difficult these days. All the time we are hearing news of COVID-19 on Television as well as everywhere on social media. So, it has become very difficult to stay away from this chaos. But we can do only one thing to stay out of this panic situation is by creating our own space where we can keep ourselves busy and get very fewer updates of this pandemic.

I keep myself busy in my work that I forget the pandemic and find peace in productivity.


You will be surprised to hear that I really find peace in my work these days. Being productive in my work makes me feel good and stress-free. I keep myself busy in doing multiple tasks. For instance, I keep myself busy reading, sometimes cooking, cleaning my wardrobe and my study space, and writing. Though writing is, of course, a piece of work that makes us feel good, and this is why I mostly prefer to write sometimes in my diary and sometime as a blog as I am doing right now.

The core purpose of writing this blog is to aware you people that if you want to make peace in your life keep yourself busy in any sort of work. because when I keep myself busy I feel like chaos is dissaper and I have created my own reality where there is only peace, satisfaction, and happiness.

Joyee Meyer has rightly said that when we fill our minds with the right things, the wrong ones have no room. We can relate this quote with our current situation for removing panic thoughts we can keep ourselves busy at work so that we can have thoughts regarding our work.

Do not feel selfish for choosing your peace and your satisfaction in life. Keep doing work and stay out of this panic.

I hope this post will help you in finding peace these days. Love yourself and be productive. Stay Home. Stay Safe. Take care of yourself and your family.


Sadia Noor