10 of the greatest self-help-quotes to inspire you

Hey loves!

I was thinking to share something inspirational. Since we all feel down sometimes in our life and when we read something inspirational somehow we got our energy back. So for staying motivated and inspired today, I am sharing some of the greatest self-help-quotes for you all. I found these on my phone gallery and they were really inspiring for me. I like these quotes and feel good reading these. So here they are.

I hope you will like these inspiring quotes that help in self-improvement.
Stay safe. Stay home and take care.

Sadia Noor


48 thoughts on “10 of the greatest self-help-quotes to inspire you

      1. Look, no offence but You need to give credits to those who inspired you to write that. I mean there are lots of the same content that i wrote in my blog. I really don’t wanna create any kind of chaos or attention but it REALLY REALLY HURTS when someone grabs your peice of content and gives no credit. I am newbie in this blogging world but I am sure you are more experienced than I am and know how it feels when someone grabs your idea and makes it their own. I got that idea at some midnight (3 weeks ago). That line β€œdon’t take quarantine as a curse” was my creationnn!!! I worked hard and did sooo muchhh research on most of online courses link that i gave in my blog! See I’ve no problem if you copy my blog but you need to give some sort of credit for that person’s idea. See you are a great blogger and people will believe you and you have many fans(including me). I am just new to this world and have no prior experience and i just wanted to say how bad it feels. See i admire you a lot and your really a great writer i never expected this from you. Kindly forgive me if i was being too offensive. I believe We begginers face this problem from great creators. I guess it’s too late now to do any changes and no problem on that.

        THANK YOU

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        1. Hey! Hey!
          Just relax.

          I have not copied anyone’s content and I ever do give credit to those.
          You can check out my other blog posts. I have a poetry category in which I share poetries written bg me and also poetries that I love my amazing authors and of course I gave credit to those.

          You can’t say this that I copied your thoughts or anyone.
          But you can say that ideas can be same..

          If you are hurt that you are not getting credit on your blog then dear you are new as you said.. So as a new blogger you have to make traffic on your blog so that people come and read your stuff and of course when they read they will appreciate if they like.

          It’s been more than 2 years since I am blogging and in beginning I was too discouraged but I didn’t lose hope and work hard.
          I regularly post on my blog something..

          Just follow some tips of blogging.
          And I am happy you share what you were feeling.
          Stay Blessed.
          Good luck with your blog.

          PS: Go and search on Google “quarantine is not a curse and you will find multiple of articles. πŸ™‚
          It may be your creation but intent is flooded with this headlines these days.

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    1. Thank you very much for your appreciation.
      These quotes help me when I feel down because “words have power” and few inspirational and motivational words can make you energetic and reminds you of your dreams and tasks.

      We read many things in a single day but when you start your day reading something good, powerful, self-helping, and inspirational. I am sure your day is going to be much better. Because that day will be good and you know what to concentrate on and what things to have on focus.

      Thanks, dear for asking I hope this will help you.

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        1. Thank you so much for your shining words.
          I am glad you get inpiration from my work.
          Stay connected, dear. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
          Stay Blessed 😊😊


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