Life is Hard but so very beautiful|A letter to life

Dear Life,

 You’re a blessing for me even for all the human kind. ❤
I know sometimes I became so depressed and sad that I felt so worse. But now, I realized that what situations and circumstances you gave me was just for the betterment of myself. So, that I learn from them and get experience from those hard situations.
Sometimes you filled my days with happiness and nights with sadness and tears. But on the next day you gave me hope to live.
That hope is the cause that I’m living you life.
There were situation that made me feel worse and I said wrong words to you but that was because I was in anger.
What you did to me was always for my betterment and most importantly for the self-development.
I’m thankful to you for making me so strong, mature and experienced day by day.
And I want to say that you’re going too fast so to compete with you I have leaned to move fast.
I have also learned to let the things go. I don’t keep what’s not mine. Who will be mine will be with me. So, I’m happy and relaxed. Thank you so much for your opportunities and circumstances.
There are people around me and there existence make me feel so special and happy. Thank you for blessing me with such a wonderful people. Who sometimes let me know that not every one is your true friend so not to trust everyone.
I’m grateful to You! 😊

Your sincerely,
© Sadia Noor

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