Words can bring up a person from deep darkness to the spectrum of light.

Do you know..? Words have a special power. What you speak really effect others. So, alwyas speak with intention. Think before you speak.

Words have power. Words are power and we don’t even realise it. Words can transform our life and also the life of others. Words have ability to bring change in someone’s life. We should be Impeccable with our words because words can either bring a change in someone’s life or can destroy it. So, don’t destroy someone’s happiness by saying something that hurt them. Always meant what you say because may be the person who is listening you really love and trust you. So whatever you will speak he/she will think you’re right. Always love and care people around you.

Words can plant a flower in someone’s heart or can burn the garden.

Plant a flower in someone’s heart. β™₯

Β© Sadia Noor

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