Hello! My WordPress fam! hope you are enjoying the fruits of life to make your life more easy. Today, I am writing this post because we all know words have power and words can transform our life if spoken rightly.

Happiness is something that we all need to live our life fully and wholly.

So, here are 15 things to do to get happiness and believe me it’s not a rocket science but those 15 things are really easy to practice in our daily life.

Try these 15 things and enjoy. πŸ˜€

P.S:– You can eat ice cream in any season coz it’s LOVE! 😍😜

Be happy and make others happy too.

Stay Blessed my dear fellow bloggers.

Β© Sadia Noor

34 thoughts on “How to be happy|15 things to do

  1. Being contentment is 1 key to happiness. Being grateful also helps which also leads to contentment. Your 15
    happiness steps are good. I just ant to add this—I also love ice cream and I eat it anytime of the year,not only summer, It is good for any occasion—lol.

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      1. I live in Canada, Many of our main holidays occur in the winter time. Ice cream is also served during those times with pie—aka pie a la mode. I defer–lol. It will take more to get sick respiratory-wise like a flu virus which does happen during the winter,

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