We should always keep our expectations high on the things that we want to achieve in our life.

Everyone wants to be successful in life. We do lots of struggles, we do hard work and work day and night to make our dreams come true. The first and foremost thing to accomplish our goals, aims, ambitions, and dreams or whatever you named it, is to give our hundred percent in that particular field. Along with it, the thing that is the most important is to expect the best from everything and believe in God.

Always expect the best from everything and believe in Almighty!

When we expect the best things, the best things happen in our life. This doesn’t mean that by believing and expecting we are necessarily going to get everything we want. Perhaps that wouldn’t be good. Today, I have mainly focus on the power of expectations. It is a great power if you believe it. Because everything in life starts with belief and ends with belief. Actually, when we start to believe in God, He guides our mind so that we want things that are good for us. In this way, every impossible thing moves in the area of possible and becomes a possibility for us. This whole process works in this way that when we expect something good our mind releases a magnetic force that by the law of attraction tends to bring the best to us. This is the power of expectation so always expect best to accomplish your dreams.

To sum in a nutshell, we should always expect the best from everything and have a firm believe in Almighty!

Β© Sadia Noor

30 thoughts on “Power of Expectation|Expect the best from every thing and believe in God

            1. I don’t like to talk about countries , politics ,enemity and all,, it’s all about sharing our thoughts on life and it’s aspects,, hope you will too keep that country , religion out of discussion

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    1. I know my dear everyone has it’s own perspective or opinion of looking at things. It’s not possible all the time that people like your opinion. But don’t worry I respect others opinion too and let them share their own thoughts and ideas here in my blog.
      Sure sure I will surely read your guide. It will be a pleasure!
      Thank you for stopping by, Mira β€β€β€πŸ€—

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