And in the end, All I learned was how to be strong Alone!

There might be so many people around you who seem to be your well-wishers and loyal friends. But there will be a situation or one can say a phase come in your life in which you’ll realize that you are all alone in this huge and enormous world. People are your friends just for the name there is no support or role that they play for you. At that time you will surely say these lines “All I learned was how to be strong alone!”

And actually it’s not bad but a good thing. I consider it as good, you maybe didn’t agree with me. You know why I think that..?

It’s good because when you will be all alone, you will come to know about your strengths and powers, your abilities and talents, what can be So special than this!!

In short, love who you are, love your talents and abilities, love yourself so that you can believe in yourself!❤

© Sadia Noor

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