Today, I observe that people who are deaf and dumb are the luckiest persons in the world. Everything in this world is for a particular reason.

You know why?

Because they can’t hear the negative vibes of people around them. They can’t hear hey! You can’t do this job, you aren’t capable of it & You are not made for it blah blah blah!

Yeah! I know these types of thoughts are temporary because no one wants and even likes to be deaf or dumb. But think about it seriously.

These negative vibes of people really affect our life. In fact, some people become the victim of inferiority Complex and start to hate themselves. Always spread love among people around you and encourage them

Always spread love and care for people around you because everything is for a reason.

© Sadia Noor

33 thoughts on “Everything is for a reason

  1. Everything is for reason we develop from these negative vibes of people. Mostly people do suffer inferiority complex but I think it is only for a time being. These are different learning stages in time.

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  2. Yes.. The world now is full of people who are judgmental and trying to pull others down.. But it’s our job not give them attention and just give our best in everything. No negative vibes allowed..and be positive always.. Self confidence is the best way to defeat negativity around. 💜

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