Hey! My beautiful and lovely WordPress fam. I am very happy and grateful today. The reason for my happiness is just your existence. Today my blog has crossed 500 followers and now we are 500+.

On this big day of my life, I have modified the overall look of my website by changing the theme and adding some widgets in it.

Do visit my blog in the web view so that you can see the much better look of my site. Use the laptops or desktop view to see the mesmerizing and magical view of my site. To see the magic click here. Then, just tell me in the comment box how you feel about it. I am really excited to hear from you all because it takes too much effort to give a new look to my site.

So, let me tell you what new additions I have done in my blog. This is a menu bar on top. In the menu, you can see the option About: which show you all the related information about my site. Another option Contact is to get in touch with you. You’re free to contact me. I have given my e-mail address that is bloggersworld1999@gmail.com

In addition, there is a calendar because I can’t live without my calendar in which you can click on any date to see which post I share that day. Along with it, there is a sticky note that says A big Hello to my WordPress fam ❤. By reading this you can better know me. I have shared everything about me. Furthermore, there is an image text that updated you about my crushes on beautiful places. 😉 Moreover, here is an amazing Gallery of best inspirational and Motivational Quotes! ❤ Then, there is a 🎶 La La La 🎶 Corner for music lovers. Here I display you my fav songs. ♥ You can also play this by clicking on it. Additionally, there is a motivational kick which will have a new motivational video every week to get you a motivational kick. There is also another corner that shows Comments from my fabulous followers. ❤ There is also a category of blogs that is the most popular categorize. By clicking on it you can read the most popular blogs on my site. There is also a Search Bar so that you can read what you like by searching. Note also there is a Translator so that you can translate my words into your own language easily. ❤ There is also a letter to my lovely followers that shows my love with y’all! ❤

I have taken some screenshots for you.

Do share your feedback about how you liked it.🙂 I would be really happy to know from you guys.

Lots of love for y’all. Thank for your support and love!

© Sadia Noor

49 thoughts on “Thank you for 500+ Followers|A special gift on this special day for my fabulous followers ♥

  1. 500 is just a beginning for you
    Bcoz I know how much you encourage others, cheer them up not just through your posts but also through your generous comments and likes. This achievement is well-deserved and i am extremely happy for you.

    Liked by 3 people

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