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Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

“Crime and punishment” is one of my favorite books. This book consists of 576 pages. Seems many pages but when you complete reading it you will ask for more. I read it last month and rated it five stars.
It’s a masterpiece. I loved this book. It was the first time I read Russian classic literature by one of the prominent Russian authors Fyodor Dostoyevsky. While reading sometimes I find this novel depressing but as I was reading and reading, I was loving it more. At first, it seems to be boring for me but gradually my interest develop in it and I completed reading it. This book is about human nature. How a person sinned and then suffer as long as he admits it. It’s deeply about humans and how we preferred to live our lives.
This book is a profound study and amazing analysis of a man who commits a crime and how he is punished for it. The title of the book is simply crime and punishment but when you read it, when you get into it you’ll find much more. There is so much into this book about human nature, and conscience. The author has created complex characters but this book takes the reader deep inside the minds of the characters. A very good classic read. This is one of my favorite quotes from the book:
“The darker the night, the brighter the stars, The deeper the grief, the closer is God!”

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Changed but not changed

I am the same as I was a year before.
My lips, nose, eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, and moles are all same as they were a year before.
What has changed is my inner self.
My emotions and feelings about people, places, and nature.
I am not at the same place as I was a year before.
Seeing me you can’t tell the difference between me(a year before) and me(now).
But the scars and bruises on my heart will tell you about the change that happened in one year.
You can’t see the experience and growth that have ingrown me in this one year.
This one year has given me pain, and heartbreaks.
And these heartbreaks and pain have made me stronger than I was a year before.
These have given me experiences that I had not before.
There is a story in every moment, every day, and every month of this one year.
But you can’t tell the change that has changed me in this one year.
Seeing me.
You can only say.
I am the same as I was a year before.

©Sadia Noor

Me-time ❤️

Isn’t it really necessary to always do something?
Like sometimes we just wanted to spend time with ourselves doing nothing like no study, no task, no assignments, and no any work.
Just want to spend time with ourselves watching movies, reading books, eating, sleeping, writing, listening to music that brings us to the beautiful moments and memories we have ever spent with our loved ones.
Isn’t it so beautiful?
Isn’t it nice like really really nice not to care about work, study, and other chores? To not worry about anything just being free and spending *me-time*.
I think it is OKAY *sometimes* to pamper yourself doing things that you like that gives you inner peace. Things that give you satisfaction and real happiness. So, guys do something for you that gives you peace and satisfaction. Something that I can’t name it.

Hello guys,
I hope you all are fine. This is what comes to my mind and I have thoughts so I just write them down and wanted to share them with u all. If you wanna add something to it you’re welcome. ❤

Stop Being Bullied By Your Friends

Many people around us often hurt us or frighten us. They force us to do things that we do not want to do. They pass stupid jokes on us that can be cool for them but can irritate us. They try to make us feel down so that they may look smart. And often try to say things that aren’t actually in that way. All these things come into the category of bullying. And the person who is bullying can be your relative, neighbor, and even your friend.

Let’s say you are sitting with your friends. At that moment, one of your friends passes a joke on you and try to make fun of your weaknesses. Everyone sitting there started to laugh looking at you, and you also pretend to laugh. But that joke of your friend hurts you, and you feel inferior. Now here the point is we never say to our friends that I didn’t like your joke and please don’t do this again with me. We think that it is okay and it happens between friends. After all, we are friends – right? But we need to understand that being bullied by someone is not a good thing. It gives rise to anxiety, stress, and depression. Deep down that person feels poor and starts to dislike himself/herself.

Now the question is how to overcome this and not to be part of this stupid thing.

1. Speak up when you don’t feel good:

There are higher chances of being bullied when you are sitting with a group of friends. So if you don’t like what someone says to you, then say it and speak up that whatever you say isn’t good and I feel bad. By doing this, you can give a straight signal to that person that does not try to do this again. And I think it is good. We can say if we don’t like something. Rather than suffering in silence, it is a great idea to speak up and express what we feel.

2. Talk to your friend:

It may seem awkward for some people to speak up in front of many people and saying that I don’t feel good about that joke or anything. So one can also talk to that person in private who tries to bully. Try to figure out the problem together and solve it. So that you don’t be hurt by that person again.

We should always be honest with our friends and should let them know how they make us feel. We should let them know that their talks can hurt us, their jokes can irritate us, and their words can make us feel worse. Be simple, be direct, and sort out the things.

3. Walk away when you feel bad:

We always keep this thing in our mind and heart that our friends are the well-wisher of us, they can’t do anything wrong to us but that’s not always true. You may be judged by your friends, you may be criticized, ignored, or left out and you don’t even know because you think that they are your friends. Try to see things in a different way. There may be toxic people around you and they might be your friends. If you feel you are not okay with what is happening to you. Think about it when you were been judged and made fun of. If you think you were being bullied by your friends then simply walk away.

Friendship is a really amazing relationship. But we have to see things from a different perspective so that we can find out what’s wrong. Your friends can be your frenemies. These are the basic things in life. Because what people say to you is hurting you then it makes your life worse. It destroys your happiness, peace, and ultimately your life. Learn to stand for yourself, learn to speak when you don’t feel good, learn to talk for yourself, and even if still things are gone wrong simply walk away and make your life peaceful.

Frenimies: A person who combines the characteristics of a friend and an enemy.

Hey beautiful people, I hope you’ll like this post. If you like then don’t forget to share your feedback on it.

Toodles 🤗

Warmth of memories

I love winter.
Cozy cold nights remind me of you.
The peaceful and calm atmosphere prompts me to think only of you.
The memories that I have with you give me warmth and pleasure.
My mind can’t stop thinking of you.
I can do nothing but wish to have you with me at this moment.

— Sadia Noor

Dear Moon

When I see you,
I find peace.
You make me feel calm.
Deep inside I feel grateful.
I can stare at you for hours.
I talk to you,
and I know you listen.
When I smile,
I know you smile back.
You are there, and you will always be there even when I will not be in this world.
You are always watching, and knowing me.
Your light lit up my heart.
I know you will never leave even if I leave.
You are a true friend.
You are a true companion.

-Sadia Noor

Let’s Sprinkle Kindness Everywhere

Hey loves!

Do you remember the last time you did something for someone to help somebody? What I think rarely we do help others but if you are the one who often helps others then you are doing great work and you can be called a kind person. 🙂

Let me tell you that helping others, listening to others, caring people around you, giving favor to someone, providing comfort to others are all acts of kindness. 

We are so much busy in our life that we rarely got time to help others and even if we got the opportunity to help someone we ignore it by saying, “I am already busy.” “I am not here to help others.” I have my work to do.” 

Now you might be thinking who cares if I did something good. And yes, nowadays no one cares if you are doing something to help someone. And who will pay off your kindness? Like doing kindness to someone is just wasting your time. This is a very difficult era, everyone only cares for their own needs. Nobody thinks whether someone needs any help or not. 

The above-written sentences are typical thoughts and beliefs of every common person just to make excuses and ignorance. Now, here I am not saying that everyone makes excuses just for avoiding helping others but some might be really busy that is why they ignore. 



Do you guys know what is the problem here? The problem is that we expect a lot. If I help someone or if I do something for a person in return I make expectations that next time the same person is going to do something for me and he/she must have to do because I help him/her.

Now, this thing is wrong and it is making problems. Having believed that I am helping someone and next time the same person has to help me is absolutely not okay. Why you are expecting? You don’t need to expect. You did something that is because you are good and you will be rewarded for it. Do kindness it’s free and most importantly do it without having expectations from the person. 

So there is no need to expect. And believe me, your good deeds are never unrewarded you will be rewarded by any other means and might be by any other gift that you don’t even ever expect. All we have to is having faith in the Almighty Allah and start doing good deeds without having expectations that I have to take help in return if I am helping someone. 

Our prophet PBUH gave the lesson of love, kindness, and compassion to his people and he was seen as the most loving, compassionate, and kind of all of them. The Quran itself mentioned his kind and gentle behavior in these words: “O Messenger of Allah! It is a great Mercy of God that you are gentle and kind towards them; for, had you been harsh and hard-hearted, they would all have broken away from you” (Quran 3:159).

Now you might have a question that how can I help someone? Here is the answer for you.

  1. Taking care of others. You can also take care if someone is sick and I am sure in return you will get lots of prayers. 
  2. Removing obstacles from others’ ways. Now here from the previous sentence I mean to say if you are equipped to remove difficulties of others if you are able to help others, or if you are certain that you can help someone in any matter then do.
  3. Doing favor to someone. For instance, once I did a favor to my roommates by cleaning up the mess, organizing things on the table, and setting bedsheets. And you know what? They really appreciate me for this act of kindness and deep inside it gives me confidence and happiness. 🙂        P.S. I am not saying to do it every day I know it is not your job but you can if they are busy or not present in the room. 😉 
  4. Listening to others. Sometimes, we should listen to others’ feelings. We should also pay attention to their pains and difficulties and should strengthen them so that they can feel relaxed and satisfied. We should behave positively and kindly. Who knows your kind and polite behavior impress others and they also become kind and good others. 

It is not really a difficult task to be kind to someone. Your few words of love can make someone’s day better. Be kind and sprinkle the kindness everywhere. Let us make this world a beautiful and peaceful place. Stop looking at your phones all the time. There is a world around, there are people around you and they need your attention and help. 
Don’t think that what will be the impact of just one good deed by only one person. You just do your job and in this way, there will be many people who would be helping and kind. I wish you a very happy, peaceful, and loving life. 

Stay healthy, happy, and hopeful.

Sprinkle Kindness & Spread Love.


Sadia Noor

Let’s Love Maths

Hello everyone!

I hope you all are well. It’s been a month I have not posted anything because of my busy schedule, online classes, quizzes, and assignments. It is really difficult to manage all these things together. But no need to worry. Today, I am going to share with you an intriguing article “Let’s love maths.” This article has also been published in Young World, DAWN which is a magazine by DAWN. So, here it is. Enjoy!

Class room memories of daunting equations and fractions with no immediate resonance to the real world, scare people into declaring they are frankly, “bad at maths”. In reality, mathematics underpins the world around us in more ways than we could ever imagine. Just by paying bills, buying grocery and calculating the change returned, measuring home improvements and making everyday decisions, people do maths often without realising.

People say they hate maths, but actually they love counting money! When people say they don’t get maths, it’s mostly because they’ve never been acquainted with the nature of mathematics. They were never told that it is all within them and all they need is a little discovery of this language within them. Or that after a little initial struggle in various topics and a little practice on it, maths will become as simple as breathing.

Maths is a language we should all learn, not to have a good job but because it’s fun to dig into and learn. Every subject should be taught as an adventure not as a tool to earn money.

It’s only by training adventurers with adventures that you’ll have successful and innovative future generations. Once you do understand it, you’ll love knowing yourself and your world through it! It can’t be possible not to understand maths, because the world runs on it!

Published in Dawn, Young World, May 2nd, 2020

I am a student of Mathematics and I do love Maths. It is a very exciting and mind-blogging subject. There are myths that it is a language of ghosts but let me tell you that it is the language of the Universe.

I hope you enjoy reading the article. Share your feedback in the comment section. I would love to read your feedback. Have a nice weekend ahead. Stay blessed. 🙂


Sadia Noor